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Laurie Waskovich, MS, RD, LDN

Laurie Waskovich is a Registered Dietitian, Healthy Kitchen Specialist and Proprietor of Well Kitchen. Laurie provides group and individual instruction in Northeastern Pennsylvania and focuses on a simple accessible approach to nutrition for the gentle transition to a more holistic diet. Her specialties include teaching people how to eat for improved health, wellness, weight loss and disease prevention. Laurie uses a “hands on” approach to show clients how to shop for groceries (even on a budget ), including  grocery store guide service, nutrition label reading education, and Well-Kitchen cupboard makeover. Laurie also provides instruction for healthy meal planning which focuses on healthful, simple cooking for busy families, and minimizing the use of processed foods. Laurie’s expertise includes counseling families or individuals to maximize health, growth and minimize behavior problems in children.

Terri Watson, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer and NPTI Certified Nutrition Counselor

Terri Watson is the owner of Door to Door Fitness since 2003.  In addition to a business degree from La Salle University, Terri holds a certification from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in personal training and nutrition and is also certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Terri has had great success teaching her clients the benefits of functional strength training and specializes in body weight training, balance, bosu and high intensity interval workouts. Terri has extensive experience in training people who have a variety of medical obstacles. She has taught her clients how to train safely and effectively through these health issues. In addition to personal training, Terri counsels her clients on healthy eating. She discusses ways to avoid highly processed foods, chemical preservatives and artificial additives.  Terri is passionate about helping people improve their health through exercise and eating real food.

Shannon Kennedy, Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA LMFT 84822)

Shannon has extensive experience in working with clients with anxiety/OCD, addiction and substance abuse, depression, self-esteem and relationship issues. She specializes in working with adults who suffered childhood trauma. She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, a Certificate in Parent Child Attachment and is Level 1 Certified in Internal Family Systems Therapy.

In her own words:

It is my intention to host a safe, non-judgmental space to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Together we can look at what may be keeping you from a more peaceful life and a more loving connection to yourself and others. I work with clients on tools and strategies to help with symptom reduction as we explore the roots of these symptoms and learn what you need for a deeper level of healing. Ultimately, it is the therapeutic relationship that often creates the “corrective emotional experience.”  What an honor it is to be part of that.   From my time with clients I have learned the importance of hosting a healing space and meeting someone exactly where they are in their journey. I have seen the incredible impact early attachment has on our current relationships and the pain, loneliness and shame that addiction and substance abuse can trigger. I have witnessed the havoc the unconscious can create in our lives and much, much more. I continue to be humbled and surprised by this work and I am grateful that discovery will never end.



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